MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

We realized how complex life was as we hiked and climbed among the rough granite rocks, or maybe it was just our lives. Not everyone seems to agonize over memories, textures and emotions. I saw her within the framed shadows, which reflected the stories she told me. We talked about our most recent and vivid dreams, which intertwined the spiritual with relationships and the sexual. She talked about the experiences which had which brought her to where she was today and I talked about the just realized memory I had which explained, maybe, why a male friend I had in my teens wanted to be intimate with me. His Mother made him take his clothes off in front of her and made him shave the hair off his penis and testicles as she removed her clothes. She made him and me look at her black haired crotch, first through her black panties, but then took them off. He cried, not wanting to look. Then she wanted him to have sex with her. It reminded me how neighbor woman wanted me to take my clothes off while doing housework and yard work for them. I guessed most people discussed more usual topics while hiking, but Alandrax and I came from strange family histories. It did make for interesting discussions and the time always went by quickly. We took pictures of rock compositions and placed each other within them. We would find a large flat granite rock and would rest and have a snack, then when our energy was restored we would act out or re-enact something from each other’s past, which would combine spiritual and sexual happenings and influences and most always included being naked, but we were in the deep woods; so who cared?


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