FROM ADOBE ———————

MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

She traveled with me around the state searching for different colors of clay and found oranges, greens, reds, yellows, blues and many browns. When she made pottery or re-plastered, with clay, her adobe home, she would include the various clay colors. When it rained the clays would wash off, but left stains or would fill crevasses adding interest. Only with adobe could a person do such a thing. Working with splashing clay colors quickly convinced her to work naked, being easier to take a shower or hose off than wash the clothes. She loved the sensuality of hanging her breasts over the pottery wheel as she worked, and so did those watching. She had an emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social and physical dilemma. The different colors of clay added enrichment and texture and being intimately sexual with many different people, men and women, was also enriching, but she was unsure of the morality. She wanted to include me into her variety, but I felt hesitant and only could contribute a thin splash of color to her enrichment combination. Some ideas take time to work out the complexities.


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