SYMBOLS ——————–

MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

Not far from Alandrax’s front door were ancient rock etchings in the foothill sandstone, animal symbols of successful hunts. She added the cross you see. She began wearing a silver cross around her neck at that time, a gold cross wasn’t a symbol of sacrifice, but of excess. Her clothes also were a symbol; so began wearing plain cottons. She quit wearing expensive bras, choosing the natural hanging appearance of her tits. She washed her clothes by hand, which stimulated being naked whenever temperature permitted. She became obsessive compulsive about symbols. She remembered how her parents punished her when her behavior became symbolically arrogant, she understood now, and would choose self-flagellation, like she saw in the penitent religious rituals in the local area, self punishment or invite someone else to spank or whip her. She chose to walk humbly in every aspect of her life, becoming intensely aware of symbols, spiritually through to the physical and sexual. Whenever she was aware a male needed sexual release, depending on the situation, she would either raise her skirt and bend over a table or find a way to help him masturbate, which she would suggest first. Giving of herself was most important. I knew her childhood history of abuse; so wasn’t sure of her motivations, real personal sacrifice or re-enacting the abuse as a way to satisfy her emotional reactions from sex abuse, but only she could know that. Other women artists found her behavior attractive, but couldn’t accept her symbols of sacrifice for themselves. She could only do it by beginning her day in sacrifial prayer with God, knowing she wasn’t perfect, but was trying, which was a symbol of perfection.


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