MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

Some collectors of artwork have little idea as to whether a painting has value; so determine it’s worth by how many brush strokes were made. This picture would be priceless if that were true. I knew an artist in the 1960s who actually painted in the pointilism style of dots. He spent months on one panting, but they didn’t sell, because the cost was higher than the worth of the painted subject matter. They were decorative and the style was a conversation piece, but it wasn’t enough to support the cost. The one person who bought many of my church watercolors could see a lot of detail, even though he wasn’t religious; so “felt” there was worthwhile content and a lot of brush strokes. Of course, I sold many just because people liked the color blue, in the New Mexico skies. They also bought nudes if there was blue, which luckily is found in the shadows of the human figure. I made that suggestion about blue to Alandrax, who painted nudes mainly of herself, and increased her sales. In many watercolors there are broad washes of color, but they sold better if there was some contrasting areas of detail with many brush strokes. It appeared the artist put more time and effort into the painting. Cats and women also like more strokes. It’s slightly different with men. The love and purpose along with the increased number of strokes seems to increase value.


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