MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

The sacrificial Cross is also a sword for slaying unbelievers. It is encrusted with the jewels of spiritual enrichment, but also separates the worldly from their physical jewels and riches for eternity. This life is the opportunity to learn about created life and God, the Creator. There is such pity for those who see the Cross as failure, weakness and defeat instead of triumph, victory and glory. The Cross brings together the opposites aspects in life, seen in the crossing of the vertical and horizontal, symbolizing how the Cross brings all things together, through Christ. Theologians have spent their lives translating the meaning and purpose of the Cross, but it is simply the path to eternity, unity of life and of living victory. Don’t minimize the Cross or think of it as defeat, for it is the ultimate path to a triumphant life. Pick up your cross daily or the cross will be a sword and separate you from what you value before God.


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