MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

Lily Sanchez watched from her window as tourists parked in front of the Church everyday, get out of their cars, stretch, look around, open the trunk, get a drink of water, look around, stretch, get their cameras, talk with each other, look around, walk to the Church, go through the gateway, look at the graves, look at the sky and enter the Church. The summer outfit for the women was shorts, a top and light weight tennis shoes. Some wore a scarf over their hair, but took it off when they got out of the cars. Most weren’t wearing bras; so their nipples were usually erect when the cooler mountain air hit them. Most were also young. If there were older people, they slowly climbed out of the back seats. The license plates were mostly from back east, which is why they found the adobe Churches so interesting. Lily grabbed the attention of the men with cameras when she went out to her clothes line with only her shorts on. She was “local color” as she heard one man say to another. Occasionally, Lily would go into the Church when there was a group of tourists just to see what they did and said. They usually, in a round about way, would speak poorly of the poverty, oldness and dirtiness of the interior, only a few appreciated the paintings and sculpture. As she heard one older woman say, “it’s just a mud building.” Lily, at those times would go and kneel and pray at the altar, showing her respect and reverence. The men with big movie cameras put them down then. Lily would walk back to her adobe home where she would meet her boyfriend and they would kiss and caress each other and then go inside as the tourists watched them.


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