MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

The body and soul have different desires and are seldom in sync with each other, but when they are, both are in tune with God. The ultimate is when the spiritual/sexual are in harmony. Lilly spent hours overall attempting to reconcile the two opposites while in Church and at home, while sitting in the morning sunlight on the floor next to her bed, naked. The colorful transparent shadow of the stained glass cross in her window fell across her chest. She tried to paint me within the swirling desires of spiritual and sexual passion. The spiritual included sacrifice for another person, the physical wanted self satisfaction, how could those two combine? As she painted me into her painting we would talk and watch each other’s body and facial reactions, my penis and her nipples, skin flushing, goosebumps and expressions. There was a wild card though, our reactions to the child abuse we experienced. What would bring one reaction in most people without the abuse was different within us. Hours went by so quickly with such intense discussions. Occasionally, she would become so involved with the talking she would change with me and she would be the model and I the artist. To be cont.


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