MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

From her studio in the old large barn to a contempory home in Albuquerque. This approximately six by nine foot painting began by Alandrax and three of her women friends rolling naked in paint all over the surface, which established the background, then she and her boyfriend had sex on it. The fall and winter winds then blew straw, dirt and grasses through the drafty falling down structure. In the spring Alandrax scrapped off the accumulation of debris and sized up the design potential from the weathering. The painting was flat on the ground as she walked and sat on it while painting, somewhat inspired by a movie she saw about “pollack’s” process. Finally, she stood it up next to the barn supports, opened the doors for light and took a picture of the final product and put it in the Sunday newspaper. Within a week it sold for ten thousand dollars, enough to keep her alive for a couple of years in her rural old adobe farm home.


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