MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

The women artists I’ve known were experts at being sexual without sex. Just being within the arts afforded them many opportunities to draw attention to their sexual nature, needs and desires. The art exhibition was the most potent. They wore skimpy and tight fitting clothes during the entire event, but the set-up days before the official opening were optimum revealing hours. Snug, hole infested shorts, drew quick looks from other exhibitors. Loose fitting crop tops revealed their slender abdomens and breasts when they bent over. The elastic light colored shorts revealed their slits, which has become the ultimate sexual view especially with the contempory practice of shaving that area. Alandrax was especially involvrped with this endeavor because she saw the big cross on the “Church door” almost everyday, which reminded her to have restraint when it came to sex; so Instead of actual sexual penetration, she had to come up with other ways to be sexual. She knew that I knew what she was doing; so she would give me a slightly embarrassed smile when our eyes connected, but I enjoyed her exhibitionism too. She had told me her history and I understood her sexual needs and her attempt at restraint. Since she felt save around me, she gave me more viewing privalrdges than most. When I thought she was getting too carried away with her public sexual revelations, I would simply say, “the Door.”


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