MASK —————-

MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2014 ————-

The first thing you noticed about this New Mexico beauty was her cascading hair, then her attractive face and then her sensuous body, but when she painted her self-portrait, it was dark except for the colorful mask around her eyes and what words came from her mouth. She knew what deceit she spoke and she knew God saw her breathe. She asked me to paint a picture of her naked physical body because I couldn’t see her inner motives. I found her humble honesty beautiful and told her all the good things she did continuously, day after day. She looked towards the Cross on the wall and knew she needed to do penance for her dark sins. Next to the Cross was the old whip, which had been used for many generations for self-flagellation. She took it off the wall, but I turned away, couldn’t watch that beautiful body being punished. Then I heard her tender voice ask me if I would do the whipping of her back as she removed her clothes, pulled her long hair away from her back and reached up high on the wall exposing herself. The “religious” rural traditions run deep and dark here. She said, “I would do the same for you.” She reminded me of Maria, who did crucifixions as penance and for spiritual therapy, and Maria had just called me recently.


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