EYE ————–

MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————-

Self involved or selfish people never look into the eyes of other creatures, they never see that they want to live and be loved too. The abusive and cruel people watch the eyes of other creatures to see them suffer. I first became aware of people’s eyes while drawing naked women. We were actually told not to look into the eyes of the models to protect their privacy, but everyone did look, when told not to look. The younger women showed everything in their eyes, embarrassment, humiliation, fear, love, anger and disappointment. The older models had learned how to hide themselves in a callous distant gaze. I became aware of cat eyes when young and saw every emotion and thought I’ve seen in human eyes, which is why I feed the wild cats in my old neighborhood, with the cities approval, after they were all trapped, neutered and given shots. I mainly know the difference between the cats, especially the one’s that look alike, by the expression in their eyes, from humble and thankful for food to king of the jungle look. So many have been killed by neighbor dogs running free at night to cars in the street to overflying hawks and accidents. Their eyes are glazed over and no longer have that expression for love, hope and the pursuit of happiness. I thank those cats for keeping me aware of goodness. There are the abusive people that actually enjoy killing and find a war along side those that are trying to protect and defend. I’ve heard so many stories about men within wars who saw the eyes of their enemy as they killed them, and they didn’t want to do it anymore.

The most enjoyable, exciting and stimulating eyes are on a woman posing naked where it’s just me and her, and we took turns. Take the time to look into the eyes of the creatures around you, human and animal.


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