MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————-

I posed for Maria in a picture about change. She included the Cross as a symbol of unchanging consistency. She knew the problems I had from my childhood sexual and emotional abuse and was encouraging me to take her next level of therapy. There were three women she wanted to include in the her next session, all three had been affected by the images of the crucixion in the Catholic Church. It wasn’t as though she wanted the Church to change it’s imagery, but just wanted to help in the effects the pictures and statues had on the people, beginning at childhood. She wanted to crucify all four of us for a day. The process has helped, but requires a month or so of preparation, beginning with loosing weight, which takes awhile. That portion was a type of self-sacrifice, denying yourself so much food. She didn’t crucify overweight people, only the slender. There are so many changes in a person’s life, it is important to know some things don’t change, living reasonable intelligent lives as outlined in the Bible. “To much arrogance, riches, power, status and influence are quickly stripped away, with your clothes through naked whipping and crucifixion with ropes,” a New Mexico Penitent influence.

The childhood sexual and emotional abuse is changed because we choose to participate and control the actions instead of being a victim. (We change the reactions and by choosing to participate.) This therapy is mainly for those people that had crucifixion problems in theIt childhood, but it has the potential to help others in many ways.


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