MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

We would all write reality different if we had the chance, but wouldn’t we write it in favor of ourselves, if we did have the opportunity? Then we would have the same situation we have now, those with more than others, which is why Christ was crucified on the Cross, the people didn’t like his “love” philosophy. The Bible says to pick up your Cross daily, a cross of sacrificial love for others. The Cross is a reminder of sacrifice. The Cross is a “horror of reality” for most people,” because it reminds them of loosing something you have or might have in the future. Maria held therapy sessions of crucifixions to vividly remind people of the process of sacrifice, being stripped of everything you have, even your clothes, being humiliated by the whipping of your body and finally being crucified naked for all to see. This is a horrific reality that few people can look upon, but Christ showed the way to a sacrifial life of love and reminds us to pick up our cross daily.
The path to eternal life with God is about being aware of others, not just ourselves. Maria only crucified slender people who had lost the excess weight of gluttony. Then she began her teachings about sharing and sacrificial love culminating in naked whipping and crucixion with ropes, or other means depending on the situation, an influence from penitent New Mexico. Begin loosing your excess weight today, it will create a healthier you. The greatest problem in loosing weight is motivation. The Cross is the ultimate path of motivation. I lost sixty pounds with Maria’s sacrifice plan of picking up your cross daily. One of the greatest horrors of reality is the Cross.


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