MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————-

If you look at the satelite water vapor view of the world, you will see a constantly changing swirl of high and low pressure systems circling the earth. Our lives are the same, but include all six aspects of life from spiritual to emotional to intellectual to social to physical, including the sexual, to our unique individuality. What a complex combination, but it’s all swirling and moving, constantly changing. Unfortunately and fortunately we are forced together with other people and their situations.

I was deeply involved with people in the arts for many years, a tumultuous and constantly changing group. Many were involved with sexuality and nudity from their childhood abuse histories and from the nude art class influence. Nakedness was frequent, which can numb the senses after awile; so that it just seems normal. The arts touched another area of life, modeling, which many young women were attracted to, which might lead to high paying jobs, but most likely into the lesser involvement of nude art modeling. Nudity is a constant companion.

Sexuality, an intense swirling reality becomes part of it all, but has “less meaning” than regular society, it just happens and then moves on. The usual story of artists having some kind or level of sex with their nude model is just part of the swirl, shocking to outsiders, but just normal within the mix. It actually becomes incredibly complex, but intriguing and interesting, when the spiritual is added to the mix. There is less sexual penetration, but more sexual intensity combining other sexual/spiritual content. Out here in New Mexico the penitents with naked self whipping and crucifixion runs deep and dark. It is almost impossible to be an artist out here without feeling the penitent influence, crosses, whips and crucixion, but there is so many different types of emotions and thoughts swirling around the mix.

If you could create an image of what was happening within a few of the artist’s studios I visited over the years, you would see the included image with this post. The art organized the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, physical and sexual into an incredibly complex swirling mixture. Most people would just say objectively that the artist is a mess and lives in a mess, and leave before the storm affects them.


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