MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

The word metaphor has lessened and sometimes removed the reality. Christ is the light, the straight path and the door, it’s not a metaphor. This picture is of the man gate. The metaphor “is like” something, Christ is light, path and door. To accept Christ is to open the door to eternal life, as if the door were in the shape of Christ. The Church is “the Body of Christ.” The human body is “The temple of God.” The spiritual and sexual are one. It is when people separate the spiritual and sexual that severe problems arise. Many want to see the physical as unique and different from the spiritual, but it is a spiritual creative unity. The sky, buildings, animals and earth are joined in oneness, but it requires spiritual insight to see it. To care and love any of them is to love God and yourself. Touch the man gate and find eternal life.


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