MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

I thought I would lead the climb, but too many butts needed to be pushed up to the next level from below. There is no place for delicacy climbing volcanoes with women. In order for them to reach the top they needed a little help. We didn’t have ropes; so we scrambled towards the top in any fashion possible. I only stopped occasionally to take pictures of the views, and the cactus flowers. The lava rock broke away in small pieces making footholds hard to find. We didn’t have ropes, as I said, so in one difficult area we all took our shirts off, girls included, and tied the ends of the sleeves together for an about ten foot length, hoping the materials were strong. The knots on the sleeve ends became so tight from the stress of the pulling that we all completed the hike to the top, topless. Once at the top we sat down and worked on unting the knots while enjoying the views and eating snacks, and sunbathing.


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