MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

When I visited Alandrax she introduced me to a Priest. I expected to hear a lot religious doctrine, but he talked about creativity, no wonder Alandrax liked him. He lived in her small mountain village, in a smaller old Adobe house than she did and was humbly intelligent and creative. I was impressed. He was not an artist himself, but gave encouragement to those who were. He understood the artist and craftspeople who carved and painted religious subject matter, the crucifixion and the saints. He helped chisel large crosses from pine trees and agreed to help Alandrax in her desire to act out crucifixion. Instead of just painting pictures, she wanted to participate. She knew of my extensive involvement; so asked me to participate also. “Her paintings became more colorful and vibrant the closer she came to the orchestrated event.” Like most people I had met, she wanted to know and to experience, at some level, the entire crucifixion process. (The deeper she got into it, the deeper she got into the Church.) It was, after all, the cornerstone experience of Christianity. People who avoided the crucifixion weren’t very involved with it’s meaning of sacrifice for others. I had an obsession/repel relationship with all of it. The Priest showed her pictures of the recent rituals of crucifixion of men and women, which stimulated Alandrax in every way, from spiritual meaning to her sexuality. Her paintings, similar to one seen here, became even more “intense and expressive” the week before her own crucifixion.


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