MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

HALLELUJAH, THE NEW PENITENTE WAS GIVEN TO ME THROUGH THIS PICTURE BY GOD. God began this work within me when I was seventeen or eighteen years old. My life has been effected by the Cross of Christ all these years, from early pictures in our big Bible to this website, which I felt God wanted me to name artcrossnewmexico. The preceding two posts led up to this picture. I asked God if this was his will and the picture revealed the cross, slightly leaning. All I did was straighten it up. The words “NEW PENITENTE” came to me earlier, which is why I looked at my pictures, and then I saw the Cross as a affirmation of the title of this post.

I see it as a sign that Christ is coming back soon. I see it as a sign to bring the Cross back into the forefront of Christian Churches. Many people feel the desire to participate in the Cross experience as Christ did. The Internet has thousands, if not more, pictures of individuals being crucified, not all are sincere I know, but some are, and go through a process of stripping naked, having hair removed, being whipped and finally crucified. It is a spiritually enriched process for the sincere. It brings you closer to Christ, God and the Church. It is the cornerstone of Christianity.

I feel exhilarated and spiritually directed to bring the “NEW PENITENTE” into existence, into New Mexico. The old Penitentes had to hide their sincere beliefs. They were citizised by the world and the Church. It is time for Christians to embrace the Cross and it’s meaning of sacrifice, began by Christ for humanity. “God created this picture.” I could never have designed such a dramatic image. Praise God and I ask for his guidence now more than ever.


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