MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

The folds within her life opened up and she became aware of creative combining. First she removed her clothes and knelt at her prayer table in front of the window. She felt the light from the Holy Spirit illuminate her soul, mind, heart and body. She felt stimulation from between her legs out through her mouth, she felt ecstasy, she felt penetrated, she felt fulfilled. She saw the image of the cross in her mind and placed herself on it in sacrifice. She was God’s now, to do with as he pleased. She was now part of the NEW PENITENT, admonishing herself for God. Whenever she felt she was straying from righteousness, she whipped herself while naked or had another believer whip her and place her on the cross on her studio wall. Before this experience she was into sado-masochistic behavior, trying to dissolve her everyday guilt through punishment without purpose. Now she surrendered to God and his way of punishment and sacrifice on the Cross. She knew she would probably never have sexual penetration from a man again. Her male friend had been castrated by God and was now sexually impotent, but spiritually potent. They renewed each other’s zeal when they were together. They were perfect in the sense that they continued their vision, but daily turmoil and difficulties wore them down until they woke in the morning and once again knelt at the prayer table, in God’s Holy Light.


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