CRAZY ————-

MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

You can try your best and it still turns out crazy, so what the heck. As so many people think, they can’t find the answers they want; so let’s just get entertained, get our minds off situations. Life seems to be about constant conflict; so millions watch sports as nations are also in conflict. As in the image, light wants one composition, solid form another; so there’s visual conflict. I guess conflict will never be resolved in this Creation, “too bad for those peace loving types.” The only answer is to get above it all, which requires being with God in faith. The creator/artist is the only one above all the conflict within the Creation/artwork. As one character in a movie said, “creation is violent,” and we live within a creation.” Christ sacrificed himself on the Cross of opposite conflicting forces represented by the vertical and horizontal members of the Cross. To ever find unity in life and Creation, find God, the Creator/artist of it all, but there are many who enjoy all the conflict, so they watch sports, watch world turmoil and bet money on one side or the other. Wars are just part of this life, which seems crazy sometimes.

Art seems to be the organization of conflicting elements.


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