MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

What experiences “long ago” led you to where you are now? The New Mexico landscape seemed lonely to me as I looked out the window as our family took car trips. In retrospect, I was probably projecting my feelings onto my surroundings, since my family wasn’t ‘talking to me, but it made me sensitive to other people’s loneliness. Many artists have been pushed out into rural areas because of their opinions and different lifestyles, but because of their loneliness, they looked towards God for companionship. They were still usually physically alone, but God filled them with creative imaginations, which can occupy your mind with incredible complex emotions and thoughts for artistic expression. By my sensitivity to the loneliness of the artists, we gave each other someone to talk to for awhile. The old memories of these rural houses seem to turn a warming yellow as old photographs do. They also get a little blurred and twisted with age. All that loneliness years ago led me to a relationship with God, as it did for many other artists, and gave us a sense of spiritual togetherness that other people find in the physical world.


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