MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

Sallie Salazar lived next door to the little Adobe Church, but pretty much pushed it out of her life. She was what I call an “earthy artist.” She worked with ceramics and oil paintings, which made for a messy studio with spatters of clay and paint. Her bed was just out of range of the splash zone. Young men came by her studio/bedroom frequently to see her, not her artwork. She was a young slender curvatious woman,who drove the males crazy with her attitude and figure. When she was at a stopping point with her artwork or just needed a rest, she would succumb to their sexual needs. Most came through the back door; so they wouldn’t need to walk past the Church. One day Sallie was kneeling at the foot of the bed being penetrated from the rear when she heard beautiful music coming from the Church. It had an enticing beat and she began moving back and forth to the rhythm of the music and the males in and out movement. She enjoyed the combination of the spiritual beat and the sexual repetition. She began opening the window, which increased the intensity of the music. Slowly, month after month, she became more aware of the Church, until she finally went to one of the masses.


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