MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

Because most people don’t have a relationship with God, they don’t know what’s of value, falcilating back and forth, full of fear of making a mistake, afraid of the spiritual, emotions, ideas, physical actions and of course, the sexual, yet constantly searching the Internet for truth, but if they found it, they wouldn’t recognize it or valve it, just perpetual roamers. The “keeping your options open” philosophy will lead a lot of people to eternal confusion, guilt and damnation, all the while thinking they are being intelligent and proper. The young are, of course, excused for awhile, as they wander through life trying to find purpose in their lives, but when they don’t make a decision, they will experience incredible voids within themselves. Creativity offers the most basic truth, creator, process, creation. Everything has a creator, from a sandwich to the Universe. The Bible is the basic guide book, but everyone needs to look within themselves to the kingdom of God for their individually unique guidence from God. Until you find God, the picture can be anything you want.


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