MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

Following the desert roads reflected my inner soul, dry, hot and lonely, although I hiked and drove usually with a similar spirit. We were as one searching for nurturing beauty to photograph, but frequently only finding it within each other. We would leave the jeep and walk naked under the sun, blue sky and scattered evaporating clouds. Our cameras created shaded spots on our chests. When we came across an interesting rock formation, she would sensuously remove her camera and pose, contrasting soft curves with craggy sandstone or lava. Occasionally we would take pictures of each other at the same time, a mutual erotic experience. After resting under the low branches of the small piñon and juniper trees, we would get sexual, but would keep it at the teasing level, not wanting to satisfy each other, similar to the desert seeking rain, but not getting it, which kept our hearts, souls and minds humble and receptive. I became more and more arroused by her hanging breasts and erect nipples, sunken abdomen, curving ribs and hips, culminating in her moist slit between her legs. The ride home was always exciting in anticipation, although we were both tired. Finally, an ice cold glass of water, hosing off naked in the back yard and then slow penetration on the green grass.


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