TWISTED —————–

MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

What happens when the child sees the parent being dishonest? Yes, the child does the same, if not worse. When the Church has been exposed for every major sin or has been twisted or manipulated by the money people in the Church, the membership and general society, seeing that the parents of the spiritual, have no values, then do the same, or worse. When money is most important in the Church, not God, business does whatever it wants to make more money until no one can be trusted and the Church can’t point a finger at the dishonesty, they’ve lost their leadership. First the wealthy went into the Churches and said the buildings could be bigger, the salaries of the preachers higher, the pews softer and the landscaping better, which cost money, which they supplied, but then needed to be maintained. The preachers and others had now been lured by money and we’re now manipulated away from putting God first. Business now controls the people, not God. I have wittnesed the eviliest extension of business practices lately and there is no one that can altar what’s happening because the preachers are not at the altar of God.


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