MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

The ancient peoples represented their lives with designs on their pottery and other objects. As they walked through their days they saw both the reality of the mountains, animals and pueblos and the designs depicting those objects. It was an enriched visual life, reality and art design overlayed. Do we have as an enriched visual existence? Christians have the design of the Cross and Triinity triangle design overlayed on their daily experience, but what does everyone else have, design symbols of clothes, homes and the dollar sign? What symbolic designs would you paint on pottery representing your daily life? When I was creating ceramic shapes many years ago, I had many blank and empty surfaces, because my life content designs hadn’t kept up with my surface making. Now I have many designs, but am not making the pottery anymore. I do walk through my days with the visual design overlays in my mind though, as in the image, walking through the pueblo with the designs in mind.


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