DRAMA ———–

MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

Oretta was a drama major and enlisted my help while producing her one act play. I learned a little about the lighting high up above the stage with the glass lenses that changed the colors on the walls, floor and actors. The artists in the theater love making images like the one shown to depict the emotional turmoil of the characters, human and animal. It really seemed that the actors were affected by these images they created to help them feel the parts in depth. Oretta was a changed person when she stepped on stage, treating me different too, more sensuously. I think the one act play she produced and acted within affected me permanently. I never again simply saw the Adobe Churches with the crosses, statues and worshiping figures the same. Everything was exaggerated, but real, facial expressions, colors, shapes and architecture. A wide range of classes at the university level stretches a person’s perspective. Two and three demensional art is interesting, but drama brings all the arts to life in human interactions. I was attracted to Oretta, but her head and heart were in another world, the world of Drama.


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