MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

Getting close enough to the Church door just in case you need to step inside is risky behaviorior, or one foot in and one out; so you can think you’re benefiting from both, the carnal Christian. How many people like other people who are constantly keeping their options open when in relationship with you. God doesn’t like it either. I knew a few people who wanted to know something about a university class subject; so attended most of the classes, but wasn’t there for the tests. Few, people like the “tests.” God wants you to put both feet inside the door, yeah, it can be scary, but faith can grow an inch at a time. I’m mainly talking about the kingdom of God within you, not the human run Church, which is predominantly the way to “begin” learning about God. My foundation came from the Baptist Church, but my personal spiritual growth came outside the physical Church, with a day by day relationship with him. Having a prayer time, with God, first thing every morning is having both feet in the real Church, the Body of Christ.


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