MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

Art provides a medium for people who like variety. Marita lived in various pueblos, but always across from the Church, since it was usually the most interesting and largest structure. They also combined the spiritual with everyday life and there were always people coming and going. She wore clothes that were the product of the batik process or nothing at all as she painted at her easel. She would occasionally create her own words, which no one understood, but that was the purpose. I met her in my architecture classes, but her obsession with crazy structures irritated the instructors although a few structural engineers saw her designs as a challenge, but they would have been extremely expensive to build. She belonged more in the arts and finally ended up there. The part of the classes where the art students defined each other by their artwork was always amusing when it came to Marita. Was she simply bored with established reality or was she actually crazy. She could function, day to day; so she probably wasn’t crazy, but just wanted more variety in life, which the other students enjoyed watching. How would we define God when looking at the variety of his creations?


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