MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

In 1977 I met Mary at one of my first art shows in Albuquerque. She lived in CHIMAYO and had just rebuilt the engine on an old Ford truck. She had watched her six brothers rebuild engines; so when she found an old truck, she, with a little help, worked on the truck so that she could take her pictures to art shows. She lived in an Adobe house across the parking lot from the CHIMAYO Church. She parked it there for safe keeping. She was so thrilled to have her own vehicle, which cost her little to restore. She was now mobile and could sell her artwork. She painted pictures of the Church and sold them all. She felt that God was helping her. Other, more sophisticated artists saw how beautiful she was and friendly and asked her to model for them. She was grateful for the attention and went along. One artist asked her to take the cross off from around her neck along with her clothes. She complied, but felt the difference between being naked with and without the cross. Her attitude changed without the cross, which she liked, but was afraid. She felt “holy” and then worldly and earthy. She immediately understood why most people avoided the Church, they thought it affected their sex life. We had a few careful conversations about the topic. I told her I felt she was more special and beautiful wearing the cross while posing naked. It gave her another dimension to her life. She contined posing because she was paid well and could then afford repairs on her truck. She was one of my first nude models outside of the university classes. I found it intriguing how the cross affected the painting of the rest of her body. I had many experiences with slowly combining the spiritual with the physical and sexual. It is still a partial mystery.


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