MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

When I saw this sad bird image MARY created and hung on her wall, I knew she needed help, artists create what they feel. I had no idea what stimulated her picture, but knew I needed to offer anything she needed. Her first expression to my offer was one of doubt and skepticism, but I stood firm, which she responded to. She reached down the front of her shirt to grab her silver cross, but the buttons impeded her attempt. She got impatient and just pushed the buttons loose down to mid abdomen, exposing her breasts. She slumped down into the sofa chair behind her holding the cross. “I’m nobody,” she said, looking down at the floor. Almost every artist has felt that way. She then sat up, took her shirt, shorts and panties off and said, “do you want me?” I put my hand on her knee and said, “you know this isn’t the answer.” Now she appeared hurt, sad and angry, “draw me then.” She responded. It was a way for people to feel good about themselves, feeling desirable. I could do this for her. Normally, a model is self-conscious at first, but she wanted me to see all of her and watch my expressions. I felt her anger and hostility as she turned and twisted showing me her most private areas, finally settling down though to a relaxed “nude on a sofa” pose. As I sketched her, she watched my eyes and reactions to her body. I put on an act and smiled and pretended that I appreciated her body. She would get up now and then to see my rendition and was luckily pleased. I could see her demeanor improving as the couple of hours passed. By the time I was done her mood was pretty arrogant, seeing how sensuous she was. She fiddled with the cross around her neck the entire time and insisted I include it in the drawing. I didn’t find her sexy at the beginning, but when she came over to me looking at her drawn body, kissed me on the cheek, then I began noticing her soft hanging breats, curving ribs and abdomen leading down to her slit and long legs. She caught me following her soft curves and said, “I feel better now.”


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