MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

How boring life would be if situations and things couldn’t turn sensual. It is a creative potential, which allows the usual to become more aesthetic. Many photographers attempt to keep nude studies non-sensual for fear of sexuality, but what a waste. The human figure to nature to buildings can be sensual for simple appreciation. Many women artists are better at sensuality than men artists, maybe because they look in the mirror and see sensuality. Curves, darkness and recesses define women and also the old Adobe mission Churches, which I painted watercolors of for many years, always wondering why they aroused me sexually. They are unique in the world of Churches. They combined spirituality and sexuality for me, crosses, statues and God, who created sensuality and sexuality, best seen in New Mexico. Only a few women artists have seen what I have and when we were together on outdoor art trips, we usually ended up discussing sensuality, then sexuality, then…..


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