MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

When our family visited the old Adobe Churches in New Mexico, when I was a child, I felt like I was in haunted Churches. There were skeletons in carts, crosses everywhere and pictures of horrible scenes. As I grew up I witnessed more horrible events outside the Church. There was no escape. What was more qrotesque were woman wearing flowers in their hats on Sunday, wearing expensive clothes and driving up to the front door of the Church in shiny new cars. They just ignored Christ on the Cross as they entered the Church, gossiped with others like themselves and acted like they were at a social gathering. They were the Church people, but they greatly harmed other people when outside the Church. My choice was the haunted Church of crucifixions and skeletons or the outside haunted houses, where it was simply about harming others. This was reality, Devils inside and outside the Church. Then I looked within myself and found the loving God, spiritual purity and hope. Life is complex spiritually and physically and everything I had witnessed in and out of the Church was real and only many years sorted it out for me, called spiritual growth. Wars inside and outside of the Church are mainly about the spiritual condition of mankind. (As the Bible says, drink deeply for understanding.)


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