MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

Volcanic mountains are covered with openings leading under the surface. Debbie, not the type of name usually associated with explorations, was born in New Mexico and had been wandering over the surface for over twenty years, as I had been. Art was our main association, but hiking just seemed natural while discussing art shows, etc.. When we stumbled upon this opening in the lava formation, we looked at each other and knew we had to venture inward. It was what we did with each other, find an opening of interest and dig in. It was through our penetrations with each other that we learned trust. When we found our spiritual cores, we found our foundations of motivations. Everything outside of that was affected by the spiritual. The spiritual was where great enrichment was found and protected. It was the same in these holes in the surface. The easily reachable treasures had already been extracted; so we knew we would need to go deeper. I’ve written about these caverns before, how they led to small to large rooms where water was trapped in ponds. The water had eroded the rooms over millions of years and the ancient peoples had discovered them and left their objects of valve and art hidden in crevasses. As I explained before, clothes, shirts and pants had a way of getting snagged on sharp rocks as you crawled inward; so we stripped naked first. Despite seeing Debbie naked before, it was still arrousing to see her slender figure. She was pretty flat chested, which helped in squeezing through tight spaces.

We did have flashlights to help us navigate. It was only the first few yards of difficulty before we reached an edge which led steeply downward and it was slippery. The first cavern was about ten feet across with a small pond on the floor. We quickly discovered the hole leading to another larger room as we waded through the cool water, but Debbie was feeling erotic and turned towards me grabbed my testicles and penis, which stimulated an immediate erection. She was always looking for an unusual place for sexuality. I told her that the ancient people had most likely “already done it here.” The coolness brought goosebumps on her skin and very erect hard nipples, but the rest of her was soft. I knew if we had sex right there, the search and adventure for anything else would be over; so I just turned her around and gave a slight push towards the hole leading to the next room, although her round buttocks were very tempting. We both began to feel cold to our core and decided to return to the surface. It was fall, with aspen trees turning yellow over on the right, but the sun felt so warm as we pulled ourselves out and layed on the grass in between the lava rocks. After resting for awhile our skin lost the goosebumps and I reached over and caressed her small breasts and still erect nipples. Going under the surface physically helped us go under the surface in other ways.


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