MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

A days hike to hole in the mountain. A geological fault left a scarred landscape, but an interesting hike down to the arroyo and an ancient pueblo ruin. New Mexico has a few places with a similar name, when the army or sheriff chased the banditoes across the valley to a protected fortress, but today the hike was mainly to be with Charlotte. We had our backpack of food and water and a thin blanket. Our cameras were around our necks along with binoculars. She also had a silver cross hanging between her breasts. We were both into artistic introspection, getting to know someone’s thoughts and feelings along with their sensuous bodies. It is very unusual to find someone and get to know them in detail. Men and women are similar in many ways, but it is the womanish characteristics that I found intriguing, which was only possible because of her spiritual willingness to sacrifice. She had on a thin pink cotton sleeveless top with a plunging neckline. As we walked and talked, I watched her nipples become erect and soft depeding on our topic of conversation. Her breathing accentuating her curving ribs as we went up and down the hills. Her white thin shorts revealed her slit and butt crease when stretched while climbing steep slopes. Her beautiful long legs were strained constantly showing her muscles. That was the physical, but of more interest were her thoughts/emotions. Her spiritual allowed her to trust me with her inner being. When we reached the arroyo with the Adobe and stone ruins up on the edge, she wanted me to take her picture as she imaged the ancient people went about their daily chores, naked. She was very lean, which the people were back then because of the limitation of food. I put my camera on an Adobe wall to take a picture of the most primitive way of having sex, she on all fours with me entering her from the rear. We didn’t actually have sexual orgasm though; so we could maintain the tension throughout the hike. She talked about how she felt it was natural for women to sacrifice for God and the other people of the pueblo, it was innate, she thought. With that statement, she realized that our time was spent mainly on her, pictures and discussions; so she did a sacrifice and wanted to know about me. She requested I continue the hike walking in front of her naked; so she could talk about male attributes. I was slender with narrow hips and moderately muscular. She wanted to talk about my testicles and penis, which became erect and limp depending on her comments. She said she wanted to know an impotent male; so he would concentrate on satisfying her. Later, because a prostate operation, I was impotent, which we then reconnected for her curiosity. She enjoyed being as sexually provocative as possible and seeing my continuous limp penis. She didn’t seem to be sacrificing then.

Our conversation, as we reached “hole in the rock,” mainly climbing, was focused on the spiritual penetration of of mind, heart and souls. She said she had felt these penetrations a few times, which were utterly thrilling, because she knew God was doing it. She felt inspired and enriched. As we were about to reach the bottom of the hole in the rock, we both took our clothes off to be in the orifice.


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