MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————
Cherrie Chavez put a cross outside her basement bedroom window every time she sinned within the week. On Sunday she would confess her sins to the priest and the start the week all over again. It seemed the only way not to sin was to do nothing, just sit in her room, but that was probably a sin too. Her family and friends found this amusing, but also wondered what Cherrie had done every time another cross was planted outside her window. Finally, she began praying every morning before she let her mind, emotions and actions out to play. It was like allowing God to take rein over her. At first it seemed she couldn’t have a thought or feeling without sinning. Then God put within her his spirit of love, caring about everyone and everything. Caring about others first instead of just herself. The world, people around her, began taking advantage of her sensitivity and seemed to take everything she had. Cherrie began painting pictures of the village Church and her neighbors entering and leaving. She put the images on the Church walls, which reminded those people that God was watching them. These people began putting little crosses on the pictures of themselves, acknowledging their sins during the week. The village became a more caring place.

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