MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————
When we traveled down the highways through the villages of New Mexico, it was easy to see the differences between the Catholic’s and Protestants. The Catholic’s had crosses, statues and grottos in their yards and symbols on their doors, the Protestants were more likely to have expensive cars, landscaping and beautiful homes with nothing religious on their yards or homes. In our Baptist Church I heard the wealthy say, “God has blessed us,” but they wouldn’t advertise that on their homes, like the Catholic’s, it would be too embarrassing. I was raised to think poorly of the Catholic’s, but the older I get the more I respect their religious sincerity and expression. I will always believe that Christ is between God and his creations, not the Pope, but there is so much I do respect about the Catholic’s and their worshipful Churches. There are great differences to notice as we drive down life’s highways.

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