MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————
Ever wonder when driving into a neighborhood or village, how many people are sleeping, how many are eating or how many are having sex behind those walls? The government and business have found another way to discover all that information, through the newest “Barbie doll.” It records what your child is saying plus the conversations nearby and sends it to whoever is gathering the inforamation, another really tricky way to invade your privacy, under the guise of a toy doll. Someone will hear what your dinner conversation is about, what you’re saying during sex and “if you snore while sleeping.” The little humble Adobe homes in Taos and everyplace else “will be heard.” This plus putting tracking devises “in you” during operations or other medical procedures will allow government to know where you are and hear what you talking about. The book “1984” predicted all this a long time ago. The reality is here, even in your child’s toys.

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