MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————
Hiking on the mesas or mountains usually revealed uplifts. Both the limestone and sandstone stratifications exposed shells, fishes, dinosaurs, and I am still looking for ancient cats. I never have read about their ages within the layers. My artist friends were usually new to scrapping into the layers exposed by uplifts, but we’re always intrigued by seeing creatures from the past, they became immediately obsessed. We could spend hours in one area once we found something. It is hot under the New Mexico sun; so there was a continuous stripping and covering. Sun tans are strange looking if you leave on partial clothing. By the second hike newcomers bring wide straw constructed hats. The women wore bikinis under their shorts, if anything at all. What is surprising is the “uplifting” experience of finding something, especially the first time. One reading of the “geology of New Mexico” and I was hooked. Traveling across the state was more interesting when i could look across the landscape and see the different geological formations and then drive to them, although now it’s more difficult with fences, gates, land grants and signs warning of physical harm beyond that point. Quickly I learned about stealth and which days the natives were more likely to be sleeping. For many years I was obsessed, as I said, with the search and discovery of the past. The jeep went through Jurassic muddy clay roads, up the side of volcanoes and through ancient sand beds and streams. My artist friends all had a shelf for their trophies after careful cleaning. They were always anxious to go in search of uplifts exposing the past.

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