MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————
I grew up with an abusive family and volcanoes. I spent years hiking over the hot mesas with people of similar interests and pathologies. This web site is about my reactions to both. I often wondered if I would ever catch up to “normal,” I’ve given up on that wish. Now I just revel in the stories which are my history and the other people I met mainly in art shows. I’m not as affected as a lot of them. Just look at this picture and feel the mood. We hiked mesas and climbed volcanoes, something most people don’t do. It affects every aspect of your life from the spiritual to the sexual. Being alone with a female hiker in the middle of no where allows different behavior, even needed behavior. They were young, slender and sensuous. Why did their families abuse them and send them ultimately out to the deserts to roam and wander? No one cared; so many times we hiked naked except for our water bottles, hat and camera, we were artists, a result many times of being abused as children. We didn’t have sex, we just enjoyed erotic behavior. We photographed each other in relationship with the sand dunes and rocks. We developed muscular legs and firm bodies from the hiking and climbing. We found and walked with God in the open spaces.

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