MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————
Nacunda jojola lived on the Navajo Resevation, but like many young people was struggling with the change between the traditional and contempory life. She recently put Christ in her life first, but everything seemed disjointed. She began painting what she felt, which resulted in strange images. I met her as I was taking pictures of the sandstone formations. I had never heard her first name before; so we began talking as we went to her new home, a BIA house development. She moved from her parents hogan deep within Resevation lands. The new one was a regular wood frame and stucco house, which was nice, but lacked the beauty of the old timber and Adobe construction, built by her Father. The sterility And cleanliness of the surfaces stimulated her to walk around naked in the house with forced air heating and cooling, indoor plumbing and skylights. She had a specific table with traditional designed blankets to bend over when her boyfriend came for sex, she demonstrated, feeling so different in this house. It was so interesting that she had a large colorful stained glass shape of the cross on the window , like others I had seen, which she faced while her boyfriend was behind her, penetrating her. As she explained her sexuality, I walked along her walls of disconnected paintings, asking myself if there was a connection between her artwork and her being so open about private things. I was trying very hard to “make sense” out of her behavior. Then the ground vibrated. I looked at her and she said, “it’s the mine blasting they’re doing anout a mile away.” Her paintings made sense then. The blasting had given her an art style along with her new found faith, but there was more to it than that. She said she had a dream where the landscape was melting and changing forms. In the dream her boyfriend was inside her, pushing hard, when she realized that the physical wasn’t permanent, but ever changing. Spiritual creativity was changing the physical, it was disjointed similar to her explanation. She said it all came together whenever they were blasting and she was having sex, a group of experiences combining. The blasting started again. She rushed to her her table, pushed her shorts and panties down and bent over while saying, “do you want to feel the internal vibration of change?”

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