MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————
She said the design represented her life as she looked through it at the evening sky. All the aspects of her life were in the design from the spiritual to the sexual. She glanced at me and smiled, “where’s my sex? If you find it, you can have me, if you can’t, I can do what I want with you.” Impossible game, I thought, she could change it if she wanted to. The painting was about ten feet wide; so if you stood close, it would immerse you in it. Of course, I was looking for her sexuality, without letting her know. The spiritual presence dominated though. Life was as complicated as her design, but most people tried to hide it or many weren’t aware of it. Her intellect created the design, her emotions played with it, she engaged the social by inviting me to look t it, it was a physical reality with spiritual purpose and meaning, but where was her sexuality? There was an obvious answer, but if I was wrong, I wouldn’t want someone capable of this design to mess with me, although she already was messing with my mind and emotions. Art is wonderful, I thought, if in the hands of someone with introspective insights. “What the hell, I thought and pointed to the obvious orifice.” She said, “what took you so long, were you afraid?” as she began taking her clothes off. She saw the relieved expression on my face and said, “you were wrong, I’m just preparing myself for what I’m going to do with you.” “How could I loose with a beautiful sensuous woman?” She stood in front of me naked, soft rounded tits hanging down over her ribs, long waist, sunken abdomen, belly button, slit and long legs. As she reached over to me, I looked at the painting and the distant “sky view” and began to feel myself merging into the Surrealistic landscape and her sexuality. Now I wasn’t sure if art was wonderful.

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