MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————
Alandrax asked me, when I thought she painted this image, after prayer, after sex, after working on her trucks engine or after something else? I knew she had been walking in the foothills after a snowfall and took pictures of the fallen trees and branches. She enjoyed sketching designs for jewelry and had an interest in city planning. I studied the painting from close up and from a distance. Then I saw her kitchen table, which hadn’t been cleared after her lunch of red hot chili sauce over tacos, beans, rice and enchiladas. I said she painted the image after having lunch and she had indigestion, but no, that wasn’t it. She was occasionally into dominance and submission, which was stimulated by her penitente background, but no, that wasn’t it. I gave up and asked her for the answer. She said,”every creation has a creator, which is stimulated by their unique identity.” I needed to remember the stories she told of her past. As I sat in her large soft sofa trying to conjure up what she had told me, she stood in front of the full length mirror and removed her clothes. How could I think of her past stories while she stripped naked in front of me? Or were her actions a “hint?” After she was totally naked, she turned standing and faced me. “What do you see?” She asked. “Don’t use the usual anatomical terms,” she added. I was now speechless.

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