MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————
Our soul is effected by the ripples of our thoughts, emotions, words and actions. When I visited other artists in their homes and studios, I was affected immediately by their expressions, words and actions. They were relatively small spaces; so it was hard not to be affected. Also images were powerful, the cross on the wall or window, their artwork, their body language and their bodies and partial dress. All these things create ripples and affect anyone coming close. Topics of conversation affected what actions took place from spiritual to emotional to intellectual to social to physical and sexual. Next time you walk into an artist’s studio or home, notice how immediately your mind and emotions are being affected for the continued relationship. It is even greater with God. We open our eyes, ears, mind and emotions within Creation every morning and are immediately affected at that moment and for the rest of our day by what ripples we hear from nearby and far away. The Bible warns us about what we think, say and do, which is about the ripples we send forth into the world.

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