MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

Sensitive spiritual beauty only happens occasionally. When Rita invited her Priest to come and live with her in the old Adobe studio, he brought with him an intimate relationship with God. He had to leave his Church, but this was an unusual opportunity, to life with a creative soul, Rita. He knew the spiritual would be spoiled if he partook of her sexually; so instead studied and caressed her naked body with the same intensity as his string of prayer beads. She felt his healing inspiring hands searching and discovering her flesh frequently during the day and night, which stimulated images of his black rope, her naked body and the Cross creating the next painting. She felt it wouldn’t last, this touching of souls, but tried to put that out of her heart and mind. She yearned for his small penis to be erect inside her, but he had been castrated, his testicles removed, thinking it would bring even greater insights and feelings. Instead she reveled in his slow touches of her nipples, ribs, abdomen, legs and within her penetrating recesses. He seemed to almost worship her erect nipples, as if they were two of his beads.

They lounged in the thick covers and blankets in the morning, naked, and were enraptured with the light as it came through the stained glass and Cross on the eastern window. She would move in such a way that the arms of the cross would outline her lips, nipples and slit between her legs, and then he would kiss and follow with his tongue the path of the Cross. Then they would pray together while the image remained on her sensuous body, seeking guidence for the day. Sometimes he would hold himself above her as they prayed and during ecstatic moments when visions came to him, he would have a dry limp orgasm, that continued as long as he wanted it to, without even touching himself. Those days the painting was special, inspired by the Holy Spirit. He then collapsed back onto the bed next to her and they would sleep as the sunlight continued it’s covering of their bodies through the window and Cross. Only in New Mexico would the creative spiritual couple have warm oven bread from the nearby pueblo covered with real farmers’s butter. They would sometimes watch as neighbors would replaster the Adobe Church with mud, hoping their Priest would come back soon, but right now he was in creative heaven with a creative soul. Rita would sometimes ask the Priest about his castration over breakfast. She speculated it was the reason he was able to live with her without wanting sex. She was stimulated by his stories of having his testicles removed. Boys were castrated to keep their voices from lowering in the choir, some were castrated for sexual reasons and some volunteered to be castrated to keep their focus on God. Rita’s priest had a combination of reasons. He had originally been castrated as part of a crucifixion process one year and told her how he was castrated and then crucified in a ritualistic ceremony. She created a few paintings of him crucified without testicles. During their lovemaking she enjoyed fondling his little short penis without any balls, occasionally laughing at it, comparing it to her other boyfriends. He accepted it as sacrificial humiation.

Rita and her Priest lived in an unusual situation, which for awhile pleased them both. She painted many pictures of her naked pinkish body within his black robe with his Cross penetrating the darkness.

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