MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

Xandra grew up in the old Sunset Fort, which was on the original foundation as when the Spanish Conquistadors came trough New Mexico. The Spanish built and used it for hosing, horses, weapons and prisoners. Xandra heard these stories over and over and studied the few relics still hanging on the walls. What always mystified her though we’re the large silver crosses, which originally led the procession of soldiers to their next battle with the native peoples. She began to sculpt and paint pictures of not the old battles, but of her reactions to the stories. The created artwork put her through great inner tourmoil holding a cross in one hand and sword in the other. Then the pointed ended cross became a sword. She took her clothes off and placed the sharp sword on her chest between her breasts. Would the cross save her or kill her? Her paintings and sculptures expressed that scene in many ways, ending up in a few galleries in Albuquerque. She occasionally had sex with her boy friends and let them push into from the rear, each thrust would push the sword slightly into her body. It was the ultimate in spiritual to physical to sexual, which enlivened both of them. I can’t go by this old sunset fortress without thinking about all the history and imagery created by XANDRA.

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