MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

Mexi worked in her vegetable garden naked; so she woundn’t get her clothes dirty. From childhood she watched the plants grow, be picked of their fruit, and fade into the soil during fall and winter, which is what stimulated her artwork. She placed a tomato, yellow squash and multi-colored corn together on a little table in front of the wooden and tin tipped Cross, which they gaves thanks to God for the food. She and her family lived secluded lives within the cottonwoods and views of the meadows and mountains. Mexi enjoyed her childhood, but began to wonder about what was beyond her meadow valley. She saw occasionally a young man on a white horse watching from a distance. Then one day she saw him with an easel and paints drawing their secluded home with the yellow leaves of fall. As she slowly walked over to him he sketched her into the painting; so by the time she reached him she saw herself in the picture, which charmed her. She watched him complete the loose styled painting and Then he gave it to her. It was the beginning of a romance.

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