MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

Blue eyed, blonde haired Lisa didn’t look like the type who would want to hike the rough ash rock cliffs of Bandelier, but there she was with her curvy figure in cotton top, shorts and big hiking boots. We walked along the stream for awhile until we saw some rock houses up high. We began climbing towards the overhanging ledge. The tread on our boots grabbed onto the rough ash surface, but still needed to be careful. Less than a half hour we were both looking out at the valley below, as the ancient people did, what a view. The pueblo down below amongst trees and shrubs with the stream alongside was a beautiful setting. Then Lisa wanted to continue to the top. The many holes in the ash made ascending rather easy. We explored the old ruins we found, stopped, had lunch and water and then walked to the edge and looked down at where we had come up, but the sun was such that the holes were washed out with bright light and we couldn’t see them. We had to feel with the toes of our boots for the recesses in the rock.

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