MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

Even the Adobe Churches of New Mexico, from small to large, are formidable structures because of what they represent, the Trinity, Father Creator, Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the Holy Family. The Bible, the guide book for life, and the continuation of Church buildings have endured two thousand years because they explain life as created by God. As the Bible says “life is understood by our understanding of “created things.” Creativity explains God and the creation he created, Romans 1:21. Study life from the perspective of creativity and discover the basic sequential structure of Creator, process, creation. Every creation has a Creator. Just as the people of Taos maintain the Church by being Creators and replastering It with clay mud, almost every year; so do we all act the role of Creators every moment of our lives by creating meals to constructing buildings. The Church and it’s message are “formidable” from the past to eternity, inviting everyone to become part of that formidable force.

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