MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copywrite 2015 ————

After the first freezes and the cottonwood leaves start to turn yellow, a pleasant walk can be had without mosquitoes and other bugs. Lisa looked up at the tree we were approaching and said, “your life is like that cottonwood tree,” without explanation. I gazed up at the beautiful hundred year old tree and said, “you mean colorful and interesting?” She said, “your craggy and your branches change direction frequently.” “But I am colorful and beautiful, right?” I asked. Lisa was stubborn and wouldn’t answer. ” What am I like? Lisa asked. You are like this soft smooth yellow grass with blue eyes like the sky over there and a few clouds on the horizon. I will continue this description later when the sun starts to set.” I added. “Very charitable,” she said. A quietness continued for a few minutes when I asked her, “do you feel you can ask me anything?” She responded quickly with a, yes. And then, of course, asked the same of me, and I said, no, which surprised her. I was about to experience the other aspect of her personality, the VOLCANOE which was now silouetted against the evening sky. I braced myself for her eruptions. “It’s that spiritual religion stuff, isn’t it?” I nodded in agreement. I said, “people like to talk about their perspective on the spiritual, but really don’t want to hear someone else’s. Lisa in her second eruption said, the church is so hypocritical and stuffy, as she removed all her clothes, shirt, shorts, sandals and panties. “The church couldn’t handle this,” as she walked backward in front of me. “Lisa, I’ve attended many nude art classes, drawn many nudes and when can you come bu my studio for a quick sketch session?” Well, your different.” She decided. “O.k., I’ll talk spiritual with you. “What’s your first question?” I thought for a second and then asked, “Do you believe in God?” I looked at the VOLCANOE to see the next Lisa eruption.

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